A Guide On Dry Hire Cranes

Dry hire cranes are those that you rent without an operator. These cranes are significantly cheap and, therefore, your best bet when renting a crane. Below is a comprehensive guide on dry hire cranes. 

Choose The Right Crane

Choosing a suitable crane will help prevent downtime and accidents at your site. As such, inspect the site to determine which cranes are ideal for your project. For instance, rough terrain cranes are an ideal choice when working on off-road or mine conditions. You should also determine essential crane specifications such as the height and weight limits, engine capacity, and safety features. Inspect the crane and ask for service records to ensure that it does not have any defects. 

Understand The Terms of Hire

Assess the following when evaluating the hire contract: 

  • Is the crane insured, or will you need additional coverage? Accidents happen when least expected. As such, it would be wise to ensure you are covered.
  • Most companies will offer a full tank of fuel. Transport to your site could either be free or arranged at a cost.
  • Assess the crane's repair protocol. For example, most companies will ask you to use specific mechanics if the crane breaks down at your site.
  • Examine the contract extension or termination policy. You should not have to incur penalties for extending or cancelling the policy. 

Check Your Responsibilities

Most companies are very specific when renting dry hire cranes. Typically, the client is required to take care of the crane while it is in their hands. For instance, you are required to conduct routine servicing such as lubrication and oil changes on time. Besides, the company will need to know that you have a qualified and experienced operator at your site. A high-risk work licence is an indication that the operator is well versed with crane safety procedures. Clients should also organise a safe parking space when the crane is not in use. You will also be required to clean and fuel the crane before returning it to the company's premises. 

Assess The Pricing

Inquire about extra costs when hiring the dry hire crane. For example, you may pay more if you need to take the crane to a site that is out of your state or town. Some companies will charge more during weekends. Inquire whether the company will reduce the standard charge when the crane is idle. Most of these charges can be negotiated. As such, ask the company for a standard charge before signing the hire contract. 

When hiring dry cranes, decide on a suitable crane, understand the terms of hire, check your responsibilities and negotiate the pricing.