Keeping Your Car Running Smoothly: How Often Should You Service the Gearbox and Why?

Your car's gearbox is undoubtedly one of its most critical components. Without a properly functioning gearbox, your car won't move. But, like any machine, it will eventually wear out and need servicing. But how often should you have your gearbox serviced, and why?  The Purpose of Gearbox Servicing A gearbox service involves changing the oil in your car's gearbox and checking all its components for wear and damage. The gearbox oil lubricates the gears and bearings inside the gearbox to prevent them from wearing out too quickly. Read More 

4 Signs That You Need Marine Diesel Services

If you own a boat, you know how important it is to keep the engine in good working order. A breakdown can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, and that's never fun. If you want to make sure your boat's engine is running well, there are several signs that can indicate when you need marine diesel services or a diesel diagnostic test. Here are four signs to look for: Read More 

Reasons To Buy a Used Car

New cars start to lose their value from the moment they leave the showroom or dealership, so buying a used car makes financial sense for anyone looking to save money on their car purchase. There are several reasons why people may buy used cars instead of new ones, as further pointed out below.  Used cars are still pretty good vehicles One of the main reasons why many people shy away from buying used cars is because they do not think such cars are reliable. Read More 

A Guide On Dry Hire Cranes

Dry hire cranes are those that you rent without an operator. These cranes are significantly cheap and, therefore, your best bet when renting a crane. Below is a comprehensive guide on dry hire cranes.  Choose The Right Crane Choosing a suitable crane will help prevent downtime and accidents at your site. As such, inspect the site to determine which cranes are ideal for your project. For instance, rough terrain cranes are an ideal choice when working on off-road or mine conditions. Read More 

How To Inspect A Used Car

A pre-purchase inspection is the most critical aspect of buying a used car. It helps you examine the condition of the vehicle and know whether you will get value for your money. Below is a guide on how to conduct a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.  Previous Use Inquire about the vehicle's previous use. For instance, a car that has spent a few months or years in storage may have a pest infestation, rust, lubrication problems, dead battery and a clogged cooling system. Read More