Ways in which trucks drivers can contribute to fleet productivity

If industries are the backbone of global economies, then heavy haulage trucks are the blood vessels. Delivering extra-massive equipment and diverse heavy structural components over long distances demands high performance and resilience in BOTH machine and operator. Owing to extended trip durations together with unusual load weights and dimensions, these trucks will require more than the usual measure of attention to condition. Accordingly, fleet owners are challenged with demands for constant fault detection and maintenance duties. Below are ways in which drivers can be of help to this situation.

Basic technical training Some seemingly trivial defects like clogged fuel pumps, if not solved on time, can stall an engine and ground your truck. Delays in heavy haulage delivery may greatly inconvenience clients and taint the fleet's reputation. As a remedial measure, Hiring drivers equipped with basic vehicle repair skills and tools will eliminate the need to call and wait for a mechanic.

Daily inspections Most total-breakdowns and even seemingly sudden accidents are not always a spontaneous eventuality. Their causes have small beginnings in defects which can be detected and resolved on time.  When a driver habitually examines a truck in the so called 'walk around check', faults such as a compromised trailer coupler, loosed twist locks and misaligned cargo can be corrected cheaply.

Auxiliary knowledge The payloads handled in heavy haulage assignments will require specialist handling to load and unload. This is usually done with dedicated cranes and lifts that may come attached to the carrying truck, or mounted on another separate truck. A truck driver who is proficient with this equipment will obviously contribute to the smoothness and efficiency of operation.

Discipline Heavy haulage tractors and trucks need keen and watchful driving due to the abnormal dimensions and hefty gross weight. It is well advised to hire a conscientious driver who diligently observes general rules like speed and lane restrictions, besides being considerate to other motorists.  The alertness of drivers who do not drink on the job rewards with a lower risk of accidents and fewer traffic-law violation. With a disciplined driver, both truck and shipment are in safe hands.

Dedication Drivers dedicated to duty will ensure reliable delivery and will keep the travel schedule on time. Creating a conducive work environment for drivers will motivate them towards this end. Heavy haulage operators may institute free training sessions and consider giving flexible shifts and reliefs to counter fatigue.  As a result of the above driver attributes, the company's profitability, image and reputation in the eyes of the client is improved, with a resultant favourable effect on future business deals